What is the plan for CWSC Tryouts?

Due to the extension of the State of Ohio’s stay at home through the end of May, our tryouts will look a little different this year.  Coaches have been evaluating their players throughout the Fall/Winter/Spring and have been communicating with the other coaches in their age group, as well as the club's directors, about player placement. We have also altered our tryout application for non-CWSC players, to have a better understanding of where those players would fit in our program. 

How/when will I be contacted about my placement?

Everyone must register for tryouts via Demosphere before you can be considered or placed on a CWSC team. The club may begin making offers to current CWSC players and recreational players on May 26.  Please keep in mind it may take a few days to receive your offer.  All non-CWSC players (those currently affiliated with a different club) will begin receiving offers on May 29.  The club will send you an email via Demosphere.  This email will notify you of team placement, and you must accept or decline this email offer prior to the deadline set forth in that email.  If you hit "Accept" on your offer, you will be directed to fill out the proper registration forms as well as make a non-refundable deposit that will go toward your club fee. 

Who are all the coaches for the Fall '20 / Spring '21 seasons?

Coaching assignments will be posted as we get closer to May 26. Our goal is to let everyone know who is coaching our teams prior to the tryout offer dates.

Once I've accepted, filled out registration forms and paid the club fee deposit, what happens next?

Once all roster spots for that team are accepted, the Head Coach will be in touch via email.

I'm new to CWSC, how do I order a Uniform?

Your coach will send you a link to order uniforms, once teams are completed.  We order uniforms through Soccer Village. 


We offer different levels for all players. We offer teams that play in the lower level of GCSL up to the highest level of OSSL/MRL.  There is a place for everyone in our Club! We have some players that want to stay together and others who want to play at the Elite Level with advanced training/coaching.  We offer top level trainers and coaches that are licensed, have many years of experience coaching at a high level (including High School and College) as well as former college and even professional players!  We have a great track record of placing players into the college program of their choice to continue their academic and athletic careers. Our goal is to fit the needs of all players!

CWSC offers all this at an affordable price.  Our fees are significantly lower than other clubs in the Greater Cincinnati Area.  How is this possible? We simply do not have overhead as a club. We are also a non-profit organization, where all of our money goes back to the players and providing them with the tools and resources they need to be successful.

What team am I trying out for?

All players will be trying out for the highest level team in their age group.  Coaches and evaluators will place players on the team that best fits their talent.   

What if I need to change something on my child's application?

If you need to change anything on your application just email cwsc.webmaster@fuse.net with the change, DO NOT submit another application.

What if I don’t want my child playing on the team that offered my child a position?

You have to!!! There is no way around it, we are forcing your child to play on a team they don’t want to play on!!!!  :)  No, but seriously we would never force someone to play on a team they didn’t feel was the right fit for their kid.  You can simply tell the coach, thanks, but no thanks, you feel your child is better suited on a lower team. We encourage and think it is in the best interest of a child's development to play on the highest level team possible.

Once I receive my offer, how long do we have till we have to decide?

Due to the high volume of children interested in playing for CWSC, we allow families 24 hours to make a decision. Unfortunately, once that time frame expires, we will move to the next player.

What if we are trying out at other clubs, and can’t make a decision within 24 hours?

We understand that there are many options out there that may be a good fit for your child and we appreciate that CWSC was one of those options.   Our goal is to find players and supportive families who believe in our model of player development, our coaches, and our approach to youth club soccer as a whole. Unfortunately, in order to be fair to all players, we are unable to extend this time frame if your family isn’t ready to make a decision.

How much are club/team fees?

Fees vary for every age group and team.  Total cost per season depends on the league and tournaments your team plays in, where you train, and if you have a club staff member for training.  

If you have additional questions about expected costs, please email our Director of Coaching, Kevin Spraul: spraulk@gmail.com